What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a therapeutic process, used to aid people in understanding themselves and how they see the world. There are various theories and practices used in psychotherapy such as, Psychodynamic, Person-Centred, and Humanistic. Psychotherapy as a process, is centred around the relationship between client and therapist and how worldly factors contribute to the process. It is believed that this relationship is important to aid growth in the therapeutic journey.

Throughout the years, there has been misunderstanding that psychotherapy is only suitable for individuals with mental health issues and/or a diagnosis. The reality is that anyone can benefit from therapy. It is a process that can guide you to explore a better way of living your life.

Psychotherapists can use one or more approaches and specialise is various issues. Subsequently, the therapeutic process entails identifying individual needs and assessing if the therapist’s approach is suitable for the client, to meet their requirements. Psychotherapy can be used on a short and long-term basis, depending on individual needs. However, understanding the complexities of human behaviour and the depth of exploration in psychotherapy, long-term therapy facilitates more growth and a better sense of self.

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