Diversity Action Plan

Intra Therapy has cultivated a modern, therapeutic approach to ensure its services are suitable and sensitive to different demographics. Being culturally aware and sensitive, is grounded within the service, to provide inclusivity, so that individuals from underrepresented communities feel seen, in a provision where they are often forgotten.

The diversity action plan was established to provide clarity on race, culture, and its impact on mental health. The plan distinguishes how these factors influence how we view ourselves, others, and the world. These factors are embedded in the work Intra Therapy provides, through therapy and workshops.

The diversity action plan is a promise to respect individualism. Though our experiences may not be the same, a culture of empathy and value of individual experiences, is part of the Intra ethos. We are bringing diversity to the forefront of mental health.

You are seen.

You are understood.

Your experiences are validated.

‘Too many therapists still think that if they can provide the core conditions in their work with people of colour, then they’ll get a good result. However, this position doesn’t acknowledge the everyday realities of life in the UK today. It implies the therapist is just a mirror, with no attitudes, stereotypes, assumptions, and prejudices of their own. Without this awareness in their work, they risk merely repeating and reinforcing the introjected negative stereotypes and attitudes that people of colour pick up from the society in which they live’- Colin Lago

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