The Vision

Intra Therapy is a counselling and psychotherapy service, centred in providing a therapeutic space for you to truly be yourself.

The service embraces the importance of understanding and feeling grounded within ourselves. Intra means ‘within;’ therapy starts within and though we may not always see who we are, Intra Therapy recognises that we are the experts of our lives. Sometimes we need guidance for clarity, connection, and growth.

Life is a journey where we all experience trials and tribulations. Sometimes we have experiences that make us question ourselves and the world around us. At times we face difficulties consciously and subconsciously that we find challenging to unpack and resolve. These experiences can make us feel isolated, confused or at times, we may even be unable to identify what we are feeling. Using an integrative approach, various approaches through therapy and workshops are used, tailored to the client’s needs. Grounded in person centred practice, the service will collaborate with you to explore and identify where you are on your journey.

Investing in yourself can initially feel daunting and sometimes awkward. Intra Therapy provides a safe, non-judgemental space, to give you the time to work at your own pace, where you can eventually feel safe enough to truly be yourself. There is no deadline, no expectations, sessions, and workshops will be about you and your needs.

Intra Therapy is visionary in modern-world therapy, considering mental health of the current world we live in. The therapy and workshops facilitated, incorporate culturally sensitive therapy and contemporary factors, to address the needs of clients. Services are provided to individuals, groups, and organisations, to support a better sense of self, to encourage change and growth.

The vision is to embrace who you are, so that you can grow into who you want to be. Let’s work on your vision flowing into fruition.

Let’s discuss, let’s explore and let’s understand.

Core values: Empathy, growth, and trust

Marcelline Menyié        MBACP Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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